Q: Does J Harned Plumbing charge for estimates?
A: No, we are excited to have a chance at bidding on your plumbing project!

Q: I am building a new house; does J Harned Plumbing do new homes?
A: Absolutely! No new home is too large or too small. We love new construction at J Harned Plumbing.

Q: Iím looking at doing a small bathroom remodel is there a job that is too small?
A: No. J Harned Plumbing does all bathroom remodels from a simple powder room to an exquisite master bathroom with tile showers and whirlpools.

Q: I am putting on an addition to my existing home where I want to add a master suite with a bathroom and a new kitchen does J Harned Plumbing work on these kinds of projects?
A: Yes, any plumbing needed while putting on an addition to your home; we are the plumber for you!

Q: My hot water heater is broken. Will J Harned Plumbing replace it?
A: Yes, J Harned Plumbing will replace your water heater.

Q: My kitchen faucet needs to be replaced; will J Harned Plumbing supply and install a new one?
A: Absolutely! No job is too big or too small.

Q: I am finishing off my basement and adding a bathroom and bar, but there are not any drains. Does J Harned Plumbing do that kind of work?
A: Yes, we are able to open up the floor, connect to the existing sewer lines, and add new ones to accommodate your needs.

Q: I am finishing off my basement and existing plumbing drains and water lines are in the way. I also would like to move my water heater to gain space. Is that something J Harned Plumbing can do?
A: Yes, we can figure out the best plan of attack to give you the most space for your future living space.

Q: I have plugged sewer lines and the water is backing up into my basement. Does J Harned Plumbing clean sewer lines?
A: No, we are sorry J Harned Plumbing is not a drain cleaning business, but we are happy to recommend one!

Q: I would like to add a water softener but there are no provisions to do so. Are you able to help me with the situation?
A: Yes we can install a bypass to separate your hard water to the outside hose bibs and get soft water to the rest of your house.

Q: I have old galvanized water lines that are springing leaks all over; will J Harned Plumbing replace all of our old water lines with new ones?
A: Yes we can do it in a more cost effective way by using CPVC water lines or if you prefer we can do them in copper.

Q: I heard you recommend CPVC water lines because they are quieter than copper and more cost effective, but will you do copper?
A: Yes, absolutely we are willing to do whatever you want.

Q: I want to move my washer and dryer from the basement to the first floor. Are you able to provide the necessary plumbing provision to do so?
A: Yes, we can design and install a plumbing system to make that happen for you.

Q: I have plans for my new home. If I send you a set can you bid on my plumbing project?
A: Yes, you can mail plans to J Harned Plumbing or we can come pick them up or we can meet up and within 2 weeks you will have a complete estimate.

Q: I m remodeling my office building and adding two bathrooms. Do you do commercial work?
A: Yes, we can accommodate your needs.

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